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Competences of the Joint Support and Enabling Service

  • Soldier in front of an aircraft

    The Bundeswehr Military Police

    Bundeswehr military police are based all over the Federal Republic with 30 military police stations. MPs are on standby duty 24 hours a day.

  • A soldier drops postcards into the letter box

    Military Postal Service – A Piece of Home in Theatre

    The Bundeswehr Military Postal Service connects the soldiers deployed abroad with their home country. Since the modest beginnings in Cambodia in 1992 it has become a great logistic challenge.

  • One for all - Host Nation Support

    The support of foreign Armed Forces in our country, so called as Host Nation Support (HNS) in Germany, includes support by civilian vendors and the German Bundeswehr.

  • A lorry off road

    Driver Training – On and Off-Road

    Many activities in the Bundeswehr require a Bundeswehr driving licence. This military driving licence is highly sought after. Why? The main reason is the intensive and free of charge Bundeswehr driver training for soldiers.

  • A vehicle is loaded into an aircraft

    Logistics – more than just “Supply“

    Its popular name which also the soldiers use is “Supply“. The Joint Support and Enabling Service, however, calls it a challenge. Bundeswehr logistics are a wide subject area which has to be managed in a professional and reliable manner.

  • Air Force band against the backdrop of the town of Lourdes

    Military Music – when Hobby becomes a Profession

    Everybody has already seen them - on TV or at a live performance, at the “Große Zapfenstreich” (Grand Tattoo), on stage, during ceremonial protocol services or at a military music festival: the soldiers of the Bundeswehr Military Music Service.

  • Operational Command and Control of Operations

    Operational Command and Control – A Joint Support and Enabling Service Competency

  • Soldiers lined up in formation.

    Ceremonial Protocol Services

    The ceremonial protocol services are part of diplomacy. The diplomatic protocol also includes military honours for high-ranking state guests. The Federal Ministry of Defence Guard Battalion performs these duties in the Bundeswehr.

  • Soldier working in front of a tank

    The Special Engineers of the Joint Support and Enabling Service

    From air-conditioning system to power supply. They could compete with any construction firm – the special engineers of the Joint Support and Enabling Service. Literally out of nothing and overnight will the “skilled craftsmen in uniform” build self-sufficient container villages – large and small towns - in the countries of deployment.

  • Top-level sport in the Bundeswehr

    Sport in the Bundeswehr

    Sport and the Bundeswehr is a multidimensional topic. Regular performance tests help the team of the armed forces to keep fit. Sport and solidarity are the two main pillars on which all CISM events are based. And the Bundeswehr promotion of top-level sport assures athletes the best possible conditions for their competitive sports and professional careers.

  • Soldiers of different ranks and branches sitting together at one table.

    Joint Training

    In Germany, there is probably no other employer who unites so many different job profiles and activities under one roof as the Bundeswehr does. Continuous basic and advanced training is therefore important.

  • Soldiers and civilian helpers carrying sandbags.

    Fast and Reliable Help

    In emergencies and disasters, every helping hand is welcome. The Bundeswehr can help. The Bundeswehr is always available when problems arise or when material or “manpower“ are needed.



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