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Mission of the Joint Support and Enabling Service

Given the extent and significance of the Joint Support and Enabling Service´s functional areas, its mission and tasks are particularly manifold and comprehensive.

The Joint Support and Enabling Service ...

  • provides support for Bundeswehr operations abroad and ensures the strategic and operational mobility of the armed forces,
  • contributes to ensuring the national command and control capability and to supporting the Federal Minister / Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces in exercising command at home and abroad,
  • supports all the sectors of the armed forces and defence administration through performing central service and coordination tasks in peacetime, crisis and war,
  • provides logistic support services to the armed forces at home (the JSS logistics organization) and ensures resupply in theatres of operation,
  • contributes to the achievement of a balance of interests between the military and civilian sides in the military support of civil authorities in Germany and civil-military cooperation abroad,
  • performs military police tasks at home and abroad in support of the Bundeswehr,
  • conducts training to satisfy internal requirements as well as joint, centralized training,
  • provides research and training support to the armed forces and defence administration for joint tasks, and
  • assists in the representation of Germany’s politico-military interests vis-à-vis the UN (United Nations), NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), WEU (Western European Union), EU (European Union), OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) as well as in binational and multinational units and institutions.



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