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Fast and Reliable Help

Soldiers and civilian helpers carrying sandbags.
Working together. (Source: Führungsunterstützungsbataillon 382)Enlarge image

In emergencies and disasters, every helping hand is welcome. The Bundeswehr can help. The Bundeswehr is always available when problems arise or when material or “manpower“ are needed.

The Joint Support and Enabling Service is the main point of contact for civil-military cooperation. If there are serious accidents or disasters, the Bundeswehr can be called on for help via the respective crisis management cells. The Bundeswehr supports civilian relief organisations such as the fire brigade or the Agency for Technical Aid with material and personnel. Committed reservists assist the district administrations as a kind of military advisor. The persons tasked by the Bundeswehr with civil-military cooperation know their homeland and the local associations. Employed in the crisis management cell, they provide advice – when the need arises – on the possible assistance and support services of the Bundeswehr. They put you in touch with the right contact person.

But that is not all. The armed forces retain material or bring devices and equipment together. Furthermore, 16 locations, which keep material and personnel ready for possible emergencies, have been established throughout Germany. In this way, the Bundeswehr can – together with the existing associations – provide quick and targeted assistance.



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