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Sport in the Bundeswehr

Two soldiers overcoming an obstacle course.

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Sport is important for health. It promotes concentration, improves stamina and fitness and in addition is fun. The topic of sport is also important for the Bundeswehr. A high level of physical fitness enables you to perform your duties better and in a more responsible way. The armed forces are prepared for this. General, special and functionally oriented sport tests help the team of soldiers stay fit and well equipped for operations.

The German Sports Badge is taken by the Bundeswehr as the basis for the fitness of soldiers. Once a year, each soldier must gain the German Sports Badge in disciplines such as running, swimming, inline skating, shot-put and many others.

Furthermore, medical personnel in uniform developed the basic fitness test. The exercises of flexed arm hang, 11x10m sprint and 1000m run allow for the fitness level to be “measured”. If the minimum requirements are not met, exercises and training must be done. This test must also be passed once a year.

Military fitness is a priority for the Bundeswehr. During three weeks of full-time physical education, procedures and techniques for functional fitness improvement are shown. “Functional fitness“ is understood by the Bundeswehr as the targeted sporting activity tailored to the daily work of the individual. To be more accurate: paratroopers must keep other muscle and body areas in shape than a physician in the Bundeswehr hospital.

Despite all these tests, team sports such as soccer or volleyball are not neglected. They are used by the troops to promote social and team behaviour, which is important for dangerous operations.

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