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Friendship through Sport – the Conseil International du Sport Militaire

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The Conseil International du Sport Militaire, or CISM, is one of the largest sport organisations worldwide. Each year, CISM organises about 20 world championships around the world for the service personnel of its 133 member states. Countless CISM sport events take place throughout approximately 300 days of the year at global, continental, national and regional level.

Sport and solidarity are the two main pillars on which all CISM events are based. The sport meetings between the armed forces of different countries are meant to forge friendships, thus contributing to peaceful coexistence. Beyond that, sport has become an important tool in stabilising conflict regions. CISM regularly organises international symposia and seminars on the subject “Sport and Peace”.

In the world of international top-level sport, too, CISM has become a decisive force. In many areas, it is the “talent foundry” for tomorrow’s gold medal hopes. Accordingly, CISM cooperates with international organisations, such as the International Olympic Committee, the UN or the European Union. CISM has organised the Military World Games and the Military Winter Games since 1995 and 2010, respectively, in a four-year interval in line with the Olympic Games.

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