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The Special Engineers of the Joint Support and Enabling Service

Soldier working in front of a tank
Special engineers during operations. (Source: PIZ SKB)Enlarge image

From air-conditioning system to power supply. They could compete with any construction firm – the special engineers of the Joint Support and Enabling Service. Literally out of nothing and overnight will the “skilled craftsmen in uniform” build self-sufficient container villages – large and small towns - in the countries of deployment. The capability to deploy large forces across thousands of kilometres is essential for the current task spectrum of the Bundeswehr with its operations abroad. The special engineers, with their camp forces, have the task of guaranteeing the accommodation, fuel supply and fire fighting/protection in the theatres of operation. Another task is to ensure the drinking water supply of the armed forces in the country of deployment. The competence of the special engineers is also in great demand during disaster control operations.



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