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Ceremonial Protocol Services

Soldiers lined up in formation.
The face of the Bundeswehr. (Source: Bundeswehr)Enlarge image

The ceremonial protocol services are part of diplomacy. The diplomatic protocol also includes military honours for high-ranking state guests. The Federal Ministry of Defence Guard Battalion performs these duties in the Bundeswehr. The Battalion is the face of the Bundeswehr. Its principal assignment is to represent the Federal Republic of Germany at home and abroad.

Another task is to protect and guard the command post of the federal government in a possible state of defence. However, the troops’ main task is and will remain to represent Germany at home and abroad. The seven protocol companies serve on average at around 600 occasions per year, which include all types of operation. The deployment as guard of honour being the smallest type of operation, the “Große Zapfenstreich” (Grand Tattoo) – a special form of military ceremony that is only carried out on special occasions – up to the honour battalion, which is provided as the greatest military honour for foreign state guests. An absolute exception within the Joint Support and Enabling Service, which includes the Guard Battalion, is the battalion's headquarters and service company. This company is tasked with firing the gun salute using ten towed howitzers of the type "Feldhaubitze 105”.

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