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Operational Command and Control of Operations

Deployable Multinational Situation Center. (Source: Bundeswehr)Enlarge image

Germany does not only participate in multinational operations; it has also developed the capability, and made the commitment, to exercise command and control of multinational operations for the UN, NATO, or the EU. For this purpose, the Response Forces Operations Command was established from the former II. (GE/US) Korps in Ulm in October 2005. The three-star Command in the south of Germany is one of the capability coordination commands of the Joint Support and Enabling Service.

The core competency of the multinational, joint command is to deploy worldwide and on short notice in order to plan and exercise command and control of crisis management operations at the operational level.

The challenge is to join forces with other services from a multitude of nations to plan and lead a combined operation rather than a separate land, maritime, or air operation. The Command has been certified for years to exercise command and control of EU operations with a strength of up to 60,000 troops. On several occasions, it has had the opportunity to assume command and control of EU Battlegroups. This has become a signature trademark of the Command. In future, the Ulm Command – reorganized under its new name, “Multinational Joint Headquarters Ulm” – will be increasingly available for NATO operations, for instance as part of the NATO Response Force (NRF).



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