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Military Music – when Hobby becomes a Profession

The Air Force band from Münster giving a guest performance in Lourdes.

Air Force band against the backdrop of the town of Lourdes. (Source: PIZ SKB)Größere Abbildung anzeigen

Everybody has already seen them - on TV or at a live performance, at the “Große Zapfenstreich” (Grand Tattoo), on stage, during ceremonial protocol services or at a military music festival: the soldiers of the Bundeswehr Military Music Service. They promote the team spirit among military personnel, strengthen the relations between the Bundeswehr and the civilian population through events with great public appeal and ensure a good reputation of the Bundeswehr beyond the national borders.

The Bundeswehr Band mainly performs during ceremonial protocol services, for example, for the Federal President, while the Joint Band of the Bundeswehr mainly performs on the important concert stages of the world and the Big Band of the Bundeswehr at open air shows and other major events. Their vast musical repertory ranges from the traditional march music via the arrangement of great classical compositions up to original compositions, film music and current hits in the big orchestra sound.

The profession of military musician is characterised by versatility, demanding standards and creativity and provides a large variety of opportunities. The Bundeswehr Military Music Service - a special field of activity for young men and women!

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