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Logistics – more than just “Supply“

A vehicle is loaded into an aircraft
Logistics in the Bundeswehr. (Source: PIZ SKB)Enlarge image

Its popular name which also the soldiers use is “Supply“. The Joint Support and Enabling Service, however, calls it a challenge. Bundeswehr logistics are a wide subject area which has to be managed in a professional and reliable manner.

Thus the personnel at home but in particular the women and men in the theatres of operation depend on effective logistics to fulfil their missions. The specialists of the Joint Support and Enabling Service satisfy the requirements of the troops: be it a tank engine or a veal escalope, a shower for the housing container or fuel for a fighter jet.

They are specially trained for this purpose and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. The Bundeswehr logistics under the auspices of the Joint Support and Enabling Service undergo continuous further development. Continuous improvement and optimization are foremost objectives in order to satisfy the customer, the soldier in theatre. The soldiers of the logistic units undertake, among other tasks, the functions of forwarding agents, mechanics, management assistants or warehouse specialists with an outstanding professional qualification. Their motto is: What can we do for you?



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