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Driver Training – On and Off-Road

A lorry off road

Driver training on the off-road training track. (Source: Bundeswehr)Größere Abbildung anzeigen

Many activities in the Bundeswehr require a Bundeswehr driving licence. This military driving licence is highly sought after. Why? The main reason is the intensive and free of charge Bundeswehr driver training for soldiers. Be it for passenger cars, busses or lorries – the categories are similar to the civilian ones. Theoretical and practical driver training, however, exceed the legal requirements by far. Thus, recognition of such licences in the civilian sector is completely unproblematic. In particular the extensive practical training is highly appreciated. Soldiers require more extensive training. They must be able to handle their vehicle in all situations and on all types of terrain – be it on operations or on a highway in Germany.

Not every soldier, however, obtains the driving licence. Prerequisites are an official requirement, personal aptitude, a suitable state of character and health and no or only few entries at the central index of traffic offenders in Flensburg.

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