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One for all - Host Nation Support

The support of foreign Armed Forces in our country, so called as Host Nation Support (HNS) in Germany, includes support by civilian vendors and the German Bundeswehr.

Preparation of overseas shipment in the context of HNS (Source: Bundeswehr)Enlarge image

The objective is to support allied or friendly Armed Forces in performing their missions, exercises or projects during their stay in or transit through Germany in the most efficient way.

Host Nation Support is an aspect of territorial issues in Germany and in the responsibility of the Chief of the Joint Support and Enabling Service (CJSES). The CJSES coordinates the Bundeswehr-wide accomplishment of this support task, which is to be performed on German territory and under national responsibility both in peacetime and in a state of tension and/ or defence.

As a matter of principle, Host Nation Support is to be requested and paid for by the receiving nations.

Host Nation Support mainly comprises the following task areas:

  • Provision of storage capacity,
  • accommodation and food,
  • training support,
  • repair services,
  • materiel supply,
  • communications and information technology services,
  • medical support,
  • transport and transshipment services,
  • utilization of Bundeswehr facilities and installations,
  • military police support,
  • protection of premises,
  • port facilities and ships as well as
  • transport security.

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Abteilung Einsatz / Dezernat Unterstützung Einsatz / Sachgebiet - Host Nation Support
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