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The Bundeswehr Military Police

Soldier in front of an aircraft
Military police protecting a transport aircraft in Faizabad. (Source: Bundeswehr)Enlarge image

Bundeswehr military police are based all over the Federal Republic with 30 military police stations. MPs are on standby duty 24 hours a day.

As a competence of the Joint Support and Enabling Service, military police provide support for the German and allied armed forces. They ensure the enforcement of military law and order and traffic control. In these functions, they are perceived by the public, e.g. patrolling railway stations, training areas or inner-city areas. A solemn pledge ceremony may be an occasion.

Their tasks involve a lot more than that, for instance, certain security tasks. Similar to the work of civilian police forces, MPs also conduct surveys and investigations and provide support in area and point defence. Multifunctional military police operations are police tasks in theatres of operations abroad where regular police forces are not available or do not act in accordance with the principles of the rule of law.

During operations abroad, military police personnel are an integral part of military operations of the land, naval and air forces as well as of rescue and humanitarian relief operations. With their special capabilities, they take on military police tasks during these operations, thus contributing to the conduct of operations and combat service support. In international missions, they cooperate closely with local authorities and organisations with security tasks, with the military police of other nations and international organisations.



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